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Born in Australia. Lives and works in New York.



2018     Paintings, Station Gallery, Melbourne

              Drawings, Neon Parc, Melbourne

2016     Half Flush, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney

2011     Hunting Where The Ducks Are, Darren

             Knight Gallery, Sydney

2008     Enie Meanie, Studio 12, GCAS, Melbourne

2007     Collective Autonomy, Canberra Contemporary

             Art Spaces, Canberra

             Morph, Sydney University Gallery, Sydney

2006     Champion, Bus Gallery, Melbourne

              Collective Autonomy, Gertrude Contemporary

              Art Spaces,  Melbourne

2005     Knackers, RMIT Spare Room, Melbourne

2004     Fairgrounds, Kings Artist Run Initiate,   


              Alexandra Avenue, 24seven, Melbourne

              Horsestance, TCB, Melbourne


2017     The Author’s Seat, Raising Cattle, Montreal,                                          w/ Kate Newby & Tove Storch

              Unrealpolotik, Co-Lab, Texas

2016     It’s Only Castles Burning, Station Gallery, Melbourne, w/                    Hany Armanious, Celia Hempton, Patrick Lundberg,
                          Moya McKenna, Nell, Séraphine Pick, & David Shrigley

              SPRING 1883, Room 224, Hotel Windsor, Melbourne

              National Works on Paper, Mornington Peninsula                                  Regional Gallery, Victoria

2014     Group Show, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney

2013     Melbourne Now, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

              Art & Australia Collection 2003-13, Hazelhurst Regional                    Gallery & Arts Center, Sydney

             When you drink the water, remember the spring, Ryan                           Renshaw Gallery, Brisbane

2011      NEW11, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art,                            Melbourne

2010     True Crime, Geelong Gallery

              TCB Art Inc, Melbourne Art Fair, Royal Exhibition                              Building, Melbourne

2009     Texticles, TCB, Melbourne

2008     The Independence Project, Galerie Petronas, Kuala Lumpur

              Dis-ease, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney

              Primavera, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

              Basil Sellars Sports Prize, Ian Potter MOA, Melbourne

2007     Too Near, Too Far, Careof, Milan

              ABN AMRO Emerging Artist Award, Abn Amro,                                Melbourne

              Crimelines, Sophie Gannon Gallery, Melbourne

              Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award, Werribee                          Gardens, Werribee

2006     Winners are Grinners, The Meat Market, Melbourne,                          Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth

              New Social Commentaries, Warrnambool Art Gallery

              Someone Shows Something to Someone, Canberra                                    Contemporary Art Spaces, Canberra

2005      A Portable Model of…, Plimsol Gallery, Hobart, Latrobe                       Regional Gallery, Gippsland

               Address Book, Bus Gallery, Melbourne

2002     Value Added Capital, Westspace, Melbourne,

              Gallery 4a, Sydney

              Some Devil Between Us, Bus, Melbourne           



2016-18 Ground Floor Program, ISCP, New York

2016     AusArt Fellowship, supported by The American Friends                      of the NGA, in partnership with the American Australian                  Association

2015      International Studio and Curatorial Program, New York

2014      Co-Lab Projects Residency, Texas

2013      Qantas Foundation of Contemporary Art Award

2012      Art & Australia / ANZ Contemporary Art Award

2008-9  Gertrude Contemporary Residency, Melbourne

2008      Viafarini DOCVA Residency, Milan, Italy

2007      Art & Australia / ANZ Private Bank

               Contemporary Art Award

2001-09 24seven Contemporary Art Space - Founder & Director

1999      ANZ Visual Arts Fellowship


              Nelsen Collection, Austin, TX, USA

              Art Gallery of New South Wales, Syd, Australia

              National Gallery of Victoria, Mel, Australia

              Anz Bank Collection, Syd, Australia

             Victorian College of the Arts, Australia

              Deutsche Bank, International

              Museum of Contemporary Art, Syd, Australia

              The Michael Buxton Contemporary Art Collection,

              Mel, Australia

              Art & Australia Collection, Syd, Australia



              Half Flush, Perimeter Editions, Melbourne, Oct 2015

              dontworry, the Michael Buxton Collection, Melbourne, Nov 2013

              Play your cards or how we never make money - Amita Kirpalani,                      Nov 2015

              Dontworry, Hayman Print, incl. essays from Jarrod Rawlins,                          Chris McAullife and Maria Turmakin

              ANZ Ripe Artist Award, Art & Australia, back page, include essay                by Katrina Schwartz, 2007

              Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award at Werribee Park                          2007, Finalist cat., 2007

              Collective Autonomy, Gertrude CAS, incl essay by S. Holt, 2006

             Winners are Grinners, Hijacked no. 9, artist page p32-35, 2006

              Knackers, Knackers, RMIT Project Space, include essay by Chris                  McAullife, 2005

              Portable Model Of…, artist page, 2005

              Fairgrounds, Kings Artist Run Initiative, Melbourne 2004

              Mobbypet, artist page, 2002

              How Many Chambers?, How Many Chambers?Gertrude Street,                    Melbourne 2000

              La La Hi Prism, TRM Magazine, June 2000



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              Gabriella Coslovich, Is This Art?, The Age, A3, p1, 4&5, May 14,                2004

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              Alex Gawronski, Contemporary art & social justice; how soon is                  now? New Social Commentaries, Warrnambool Art Gallery, p2,                    September 2006

              Robert Gill, ANZ Arts Award, The Age, August 4, 1999

              Fiona Gruber, The Opening, PBS FM interview, 21/7/04

              Richard Holt, Mine Catalogue, August 1999

              Chris Howlett, Censorship:jews, golliwogs, sex, hollywood shiek                  & merlin, Localart, Is.14, August 2004

              Adam Jasper, Primavera, Frieze - 2008 

              Karen Kissane, Drawing out notions of evil, The Age  A2, p17 -                    18, November 5, 2008

              Tristian Koenig, A Typical Observation Essay, Un magazine, Issue                2, p7, 8. November 2004

              Tristian Koenig, Value Added Capital Catalogue, Westspace,                        Melbourne, Gallery 4a, Sydney, 2002

              Pipa Lord, Siamese Dreams, TR, No. 30, April 2002

              Six o’clock NEWS, Channel 7, 9, 10, SBS, ABC, May 6, 2004

              Terry Lane, Knee-jerk policy puts Picasso in his place, The Age,                    p12, May 8, 2004

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              Alex McDonald, Art: Victoria, State of the Arts, 2006

              Marco Marcon, Winners are grinners, Art Monthly Australia,                        p13-14, #201, 2007

              Royce Millar & Chris Evans, Anti-Israel display erased after                          furore, The Age, p1 & 2, May 5, 2004

              Royce Millar, City rethinks art policy, wanting less politics, The                  Age, p6, May 7, 2004

              Robert Nelson, Lempriere Sculpture Award, The Age, March 14,                2007

              Sasha Perera, Salt Nightclub Murders Court Controversy, Zebra                  no. 553, July 7, 2004

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              Dan Silkstone, R. Millar, Chris Evans, Row over anti-Israel art                      display, The Age, p 2, May 4, 2004

              Masato Takasaka, Who’s afraid of the Avant-Garde? Who cares?,                  TCB Melbourne, 1999

              Richard Watts, Smartarts, RRR FM interview, June 1, 2006

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